“Lovely Runner” Finale Recreates Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s Wedding?

 The global sensation K-drama "Lovely Runner" has concluded its 16-episode journey with a satisfying finale.

In the final episode of “Lovely Runner”, Sun-jae (played by Byun Woo-seok) is found unconscious and rushed to the hospital. Sol (played by Kim Hye-yoon) learns about it from the news and hurries to the hospital. At the same time, Sun-jae wakes up and immediately goes to find Sol. When they reunite, Sun-jae embraces Sol and admits that he has regained all his memories.

lovely runner

While Sol and Sun-jae are reunited, Tae-sung chases after the murderer – Kim. At the bridge, Kim jumps into the river and dies instantly, ending the vicious cycle of Sol and Sun-jae being threatened.

After resolving their issues, Sol and Sun-jae enjoy a happy time together, secretly dating, sharing sweet kisses, and spending nights together. Sun-jae even buys a ring and plans to propose. He decides to meet Sol’s family at her nephew’s first birthday party, which turns out to be held at Sun-jae’s father’s restaurant. The birthday party unexpectedly becomes a family introduction. Although initially displeased with his son’s choice, Sun-jae’s father eventually feels happy seeing his son’s joy.

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Not only was it a family gathering, but Sun-jae also surprised everyone by inviting his group, Eclipse, to perform. After the party, with blessings from all the elders, Sun-jae takes Sol on a yacht, intending to propose romantically. However, Sol reveals her plans to make a film and achieve her dream, making Sun-jae realize it’s not the right time. He holds her tightly, covering her eyes to hide everything he had prepared.

At the end of the film, after Sol successfully produces her first movie, Sun-jae finally proposes, and Sol accepts. They share a kiss in a romantic atmosphere and envision themselves walking down the aisle. 

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Although the wedding scene appears only briefly in their imagination, it caused a stir on social media. Viewers were thrilled by the couple’s chemistry, especially noting that Sol and Sun-jae’s wedding outfits resembled those of Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin. It seems tvN has once again recreated the iconic wedding of the couple they had previously paired up successfully. Earlier, the K-drama “Queen of Tears” also recreated this famous wedding.

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