The secret to the perfect appearance of "the girl with the most expensive legs on the planet"

 Kendall reveals the technique of using ice to massage and remove wrinkles.

Recently, Kendall Jenner posted a set of advertisements for the FWRD brand - a company selling high-end fashion items, attracting many likes on social networks. She chose swimsuit and lingerie designs with eye-catching patterns and hot colors, suitable for summer. It is known that Kendall was also appointed to the position of creative director of FWRD.

Kendall is considered a fashion inspiration for brands and the mindset of the younger generation.

Accordingly, Kendall will be responsible for the interface of the FWRD website and arrange and edit designs, fashion trends, and images. The prerequisite for this position is a strong mindset and awareness of future developments in the fashion industry.

As a model, Kendall is always conscious of keeping in shape and taking care of herself so that every time she appears in front of the media, she is always well-groomed and beautiful. In particular, at the age of 29, she pays even more attention to skin care.

Kendall uses guasha - a technique using ice to massage and remove wrinkles.

A while ago, she posted a video sharing secrets about her beauty regimen. Kendall starts her day with a cup of ginger tea and uses a gold essence mask under her eyes. Recently, Kendall has been using guasha - a technique using stones to effectively massage and remove wrinkles, derived from traditional Chinese medicine. 

Previously, this method was applied by aristocratic women in feudal societies in the beauty cycle, especially body massage to support treatment and health care, "dispel diseases", and stimulate health. blood circulation process, enhance detoxification thanks to 4 times more metabolism than normal.

"Improving skin with guasha is something I really enjoy and do often. However, before that, I will use 100% pure coconut oil to soften the skin and make the massage easier and more effective. I'm extremely picky about washing my face because I'm prone to acne. I had acne all through my childhood, so I tried to develop my beauty routine "I'm very scientific. I feel like I'm in the best shape right now. I have hormonal acne, sometimes I get small pimples when I'm on my period," she said.

Regarding diet, Kendall pays attention to the basic needs of the body and sometimes indulges a little. Feeling comfortable is something she focuses on more than strict dieting. She likes to eat snacks to ensure blood sugar stability and loves frozen yogurt. For lunch, she will eat grilled chicken, brown rice and some vegetables. Cheese is one of the few foods that she limits consumption to maintain healthy skin.

Although she does not eat strictly, she has the habit of drinking enough water and using detox teas to supplement her body. She will drink about 12 glasses of water and detox teas.

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