Son Ye-jin’s Mukbang Video In Taiwan Gains Attention, “Why Don’t You Do YouTube?”


Actress Son Ye-jin unveiled a mukbang video, delivering her whereabouts after finishing her schedule in Taiwan

On April 17th, Son Ye-jin uploaded a video of her eating on Instagram with the caption, “I’m very happy when I eat delicious food after work. Have a nice meal after work, everyone”.

The video shows Son Ye-jin enjoying a meal with her staff after completing her schedule in Taiwan. Not only enjoying delicious food, Son Ye-jin was also spending a happy evening with a nice talk with her acquaintances.

Seeing this friendly and easygoing side of Son Ye-jin in the mukbang video, which was like a daily Vlog, fans poured enthusiastic reactions. Some even recommended, “Unnie, why don’t you do YouTube? I think it’s going to be very interesting”.

Earlier on the 16th, Son Ye-jin attended a beauty brand’s event in Taiwan. Showing up in a pink dress, the actress stole the spotlight with her elegant beauty and unique half-moon smile.

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin married actor Hyun Bin in 2022. She gave birth to her son in November of the same year.

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