‘Queen of Tears’ & ‘Crash Landing on You’ Crossover Speculated to Happen for THESE Reasons

 As penned by the same writer, netizens started to theorize and had speculations that the "Queen of Tears" and "Crash Landing on You" crossover might happen soon.

Fans and viewers even collected clues that the two dramas exist in the same universe.

Want to know what the public is saying about the potential crossover? Then read on!

'Queen of Tears' & 'Crash Landing on You' Exist in the Same Universe?

"Queen of Tears" fever continues as the drama breaks its rating records every week and gains new achievements including its lead stars.

Kim Ji Won, playing the role of Hong Hae In, a fashionable chaebol heiress, is said to be Netflix's current-reigning K-drama queen, thanks to her impressive performance on the rom-com series.

Familiar as it may look, Hae In freshens up the viewers' memory as she also reminds them of the previous leading ladies who were loved by the audience. One of them is "Crash Landing of You" female protagonist Yoon Se Ri, portrayed by the beautiful and talented actress Son Ye Jin.

Apart from their impeccable wardrobe choices and impressive backgrounds, netizens are also claiming that the two characters also share the same lineage.

Is It True? Hong Hae In & Yoon Se Ri Are Related

In "Queen of Tears," Hong Hae In established a reputation as the 'arrogant queen' of the Queens Department Store, where she is the CEO. In their family tree, it is known that she's from the third generation and the granddaughter of Chairman Hong Man Dae.

Eagle-eyed viewers and K-drama fans noticed the similarities and possible connection between Hong Hae In and "Crash Landing on You's" Yoon Se Ri.

To recall, Yoon Se Ri is affiliated with a company of the same name, Queens! Before she landed at the North Korean border, she was a successful businesswoman involved in a succession battle for the Queens Group.

Others find it a coincidence as it was both written by the brilliant scriptwriter Park Ji Eun. In particular, the Queens Group was mentioned in one of "Crash Landing on You's" episodes. Due to this, some fans have begun speculating about the possible relationship between the two heiresses.

Someone commented that Yoon Se Ri might be a help to Hong Hae In with her current debacles in the company.

With these speculations between the female characters, hopes are high for a possible cameo of Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) in one of the episodes of "Queen of Tears."

Previously, Song Joong Ki made his special appearance as Vincenzo Cassano and acted as Hae In's divorce lawyer.

In addition, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin were even mentioned in "Queen of Tears" and some glimpse of the "Crash Landing on You" episode was seen playing in the series.

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