Jung Hae In Faces Criticism for Allegedly Stirring Up Dating Rumor with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Past Incident with Son Ye Jin Revisited


Jung Hae In has recently gained attention despite not having any new drama releases. This attention is due to two incidents involving BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, his co-star in “Snowdrop”. First, Jung Hae In sent a coffee truck to the set of Jisoo’s new drama to support her. Then, he “accidentally” followed an account that ships him with Jisoo. 

He quickly unfollowed, but netizens noticed and the topic quickly trended. This comes shortly after Jisoo’s breakup with Ahn Bo Hyun, and she had previously been linked with Jung Hae In.

Fans have always shipped Jung Hae In and Jisoo because of their great chemistry and the close relationship among the “Snowdrop” cast. However, this latest accidental follow has sparked mixed reactions, with some netizens accusing Jung Hae In of intentionally stirring up dating rumors.

When Jisoo’s relationship with Ahn Bo Hyun was first revealed, Jung Hae In also “accidentally” liked a comment saying, “Don’t make our girl sad. She is very strong, she can beat you up.” 

These “accidents” have led netizens to doubt they were unintentional, especially since Jung Hae In previously claimed he didn’t care about others’ relationships when asked about Ahn Bo Hyun and Jisoo.

Jung Hae In’s past interactions with another actress, Son Ye Jin, are being revisited. Son Ye Jin, his co-star in “Something in the Rain”, was rumored to be dating Jung Hae In due to their on-screen chemistry. Netizens are now revisiting images from events showing Jung Hae In often taking the initiative to hold hands with Son Ye Jin, which seemed inappropriate for a colleague, especially since she is his senior. These intimate gestures fueled dating rumors until Hyun Bin entered the picture and ended the speculation.

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