HYUN BIN’s Close Friends Finally Speak Out About the True Status of the BINJIN Marriage!


Hyun Bin, the celebrated Korean artist, has always been a focal point of attention, especially after his marriage to Son Ye Jin in March 2022. Their relationship has been closely followed by fans and media alike, particularly after the couple announced their pregnancy. Hyun Bin’s demeanor and personal attributes have earned him admiration, making his family life a subject of much interest and affection.

In various interviews, Hyun Bin has consistently expressed his deep appreciation for his family. He often praises his wife, Son Ye Jin, and reflects on the surreal feeling of being a father. During an interview with Exper News, Hyun Bin shared his disbelief and joy at the new chapter in his life, stating, “I still can’t believe that I am a father.”

Son Ye Jin has also openly praised her husband’s character, highlighting his patience and calm demeanor. She remarked that Hyun Bin rarely gets angry and possesses a positive mindset, which helps him navigate through tough situations.

“Even when things go wrong, he tries to understand first,” she said, underscoring his ability to remain composed and rational under pressure. This positivity and patience have contributed significantly to the harmony in their relationship.

Despite his commendable qualities, Hyun Bin’s personality does have its quirks. Co-stars and friends have noted that his calm and understanding nature can sometimes be a double-edged sword. For instance, even during challenging moments on set, such as when someone is injured during an action scene, Hyun Bin’s reaction is often a nonchalant, “That can happen.” This laid-back approach, while generally positive, can occasionally be perceived as indifference.

Nevertheless, those close to Hyun Bin, including Son Ye Jin, consider his understanding and loving nature a blessing. His ability to stay composed and empathetic in various situations has fostered a supportive and loving environment in their home. Son Ye Jin feels fortunate to have a partner who is not only patient but also deeply caring.

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