Hyun Bin Expresses Desire to Work with Wife Son Ye Jin Again Despite Lee Byung Hun’s Presence.

 Their on-screen romance became the epitome of adoration for many. However, a lesser-known fact is Hyun Bin’s earnest desire to collaborate with Son Ye Jin again, despite the presence of another esteemed actor, Lee Byung Hun.

Their journey began in 2018 with the film “The Negotiation,” where Hyun Bin first glimpsed the remarkable talent of Son Ye Jin. Their chemistry off-screen blossomed through unplanned encounters, setting the stage for their unforgettable pairing in “Crash Landing on You.”

As fans clamored for a reunion, Hyun Bin’s longing echoed their sentiments. Months before the commencement of filming for Son Ye Jin’s latest project, Hyun Bin articulated his aspiration to share the screen with his beloved wife once more. In an interview with Esquire Korea, he showered praise upon Son Ye Jin’s acting prowess, expressing admiration for her ability to evoke unexpected emotions and reactions from him.

Recalling their experience on the set of “The Negotiation,” Hyun Bin reminisced about the thrill of acting alongside Son Ye Jin and yearned to recreate that magic in a shared space. The prospect of exchanging glances, sharing the same breath, and immersing themselves in the same scene filled him with excitement.

Despite the allure of working with acclaimed actor Lee Byung Hun, Hyun Bin’s heart remained steadfast in his desire to collaborate with Son Ye Jin once again. Their decision to reunite on-screen not only delighted fans but also promised to deliver another captivating love story, reaffirming their status as one of South Korea’s most beloved on-screen couples.

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