Hyun Bin Celebrates Son Ye Jin’s BIG BLESSING! A happy Day for BinJin Family


A New Blessing for the Couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin

January 28th – A Milestone Day

On January 28th, the International Fantastic Film Festival’s Executive Committee announced that Son Ye Jin has been chosen as the main focus of this year’s actors’ special exhibition. This marks a significant recognition for Son Ye Jin, a leading actress in the Korean film industry, and is a proud moment for her and her husband, fellow actor Hyun Bin.

Hyun Bin Celebrates Son Ye-jin's BIG BLESSING! A happy Day for BinJin Family  - YouTube

Since 2017, the festival has celebrated contemporary actors who have made substantial contributions to Korean cinema. Son Ye Jin now joins the ranks of previous honorees like Jun Do-yeon, Song Kang-ho, Kim Hye-soo, and Choi Min-sik, underscoring her prominence in the industry.

Son Ye Jin: A Versatile Talent

Son Ye Jin is renowned for her versatility, having portrayed a wide range of characters across various genres in both movies and dramas. This year’s special exhibition, titled “Son Ye Jin,” will highlight her 23-year acting career through a series of events, including a commemorative book publication, a mega talk session, and a photo exhibition.

HYUN BIN can't HIDE his feelings and SON YE JIN captured the moments with  their Baby! - YouTube

A Star on the Red Carpet

Known for her stunning red carpet appearances, Son Ye Jin is expected to dazzle at this year’s festival opening ceremony. The event will offer fans a deeper look into her acting journey, showcasing the passion and skill she brings to each role, regardless of the project or genre.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin receives Big Blessing for Baby Alkong! Blessed  Family

Son Ye Jin’s Response

In response to this honor, Son Ye Jin expressed her gratitude and excitement: “I am deeply moved to hold a special exhibition, following in the footsteps of my esteemed seniors. I am grateful for this glorious moment in my life as an actor.”

Crash Landing on You' stars Son Ye-Jin, Hyun Bin celebrate 2nd anniversary  - India Today

The 28th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

The 28th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, which will be held in Bucheon City from July 4th to 14th, has introduced the AHL Film International Competition category for the first time among domestic film festivals. This addition aims to further elevate the festival’s prestige and offer a platform for international filmmakers.

Hyun Bin and Baby Alkong is Proud of Mommy Son Ye-jin's Blessing!  Supportive Family

A New Chapter for Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin

This recognition not only celebrates Son Ye Jin’s past achievements but also anticipates her future contributions to the film industry. Her fans and the industry alike look forward to witnessing more of her exceptional performances. For Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, this accolade is another shared triumph in their personal and professional lives.

A Sweet Surprise from Hyun Bin and Baby Alkong for Son Ye-jin made her  burst out laughing

This special exhibition and the festival itself promise to be landmark events, shining a spotlight on Son Ye Jin’s illustrious career and her impact on Korean cinema. As she continues to captivate audiences with her talent and dedication, the world eagerly awaits her next performance.

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