'Ex-lover' Hyun Bin rarely appears, how good is the U50 that Son Ye Jin - Song Hye Kyo can't compete with?


At the age of 50, actor Hyun Bin's 'old lover' makes waves on the internet.

After 5 years of incubation, the movie Wonderland has begun to announce its premiere date. This is the new brainchild of famous director Kim Tae Yong - actor Thang Duy's husband. At the recent press conference announcing the project, Thang Duy's beauty and temperament at the age of U50 occupied the "spotlight".

Tang Duy is one of the 8 great flowers of China, "sharing the same tray" with Tu Dan Song Bang and Thu Ky. The actress was once turned away by the audience for her role in the movie Lust, Gender, co-starring Tony Leung Trieu Wai.

In recent years, Tang Duy has worked mainly in Korea, achieving great success in the film industry. Last year, the actress won most of the Queen's Photo trophies at major awards ceremonies, with an impressive performance in the "blockbuster" Determination to Break Up.

Recently, Thang Duy caused a fever when he showed off a close-up photo of his face at the age of 44.

"Ex-lover" Hyun Bin is as young and beautiful as Suzy even though she is 15 years older than her junior.

In 2011, Thang Duy received the Baeksang Award for his role in Late Autumn, starring with Hyun Bin. Tang Duy is also the first foreign actress to win the Baeksang photo contest, making the public have a different view of her. Because the chemistry was so good with Hyun Bin, Thang Duy and his co-star were questioned about dating.

At the time of filming for Late Autumn, Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo showed signs of rift and broke up not long after. That's why many people "accused" Tang Duy of being the third person, interfering in the love affair of Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo. However, after Thang Duy publicly dated and married director Thu Muon, the actress was "vindicated".

After many years of absence, Thang Duy recently returned to cinema, also in a movie that her husband directed - Wonderland. At the press conference to launch the new movie, Thang Duy caused a fever with his ever-improving beauty at the age of 44. Even his "old lover" Hyun Bin overwhelmed Suzy when sharing the same frame, despite being 15 years older than his junior.

Suzy's beauty quickly became a hot search in many countries. Many people believe that, compared to stars of the same age like Song Hye Kyo, Son Ye Jin or Kim Tae Hee, Tang Duy is no less excellent. Currently, Thang Duy has had 10 years of passionate marriage with her husband, a famous director. The audience has high expectations for her new role.

Tang Duy at the press conference announcing the movie Wonderland directed by her husband.

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