Actor as famous as Hyun Bin revealed that he was rejected by 200 film crews and is famous for not knowing the lines

 Before achieving success and being compared to Hyun Bin, actor Daniel Henney was rejected by more than 200 film crews.

Daniel Henney (born 1979) is a name that is no longer strange to the Korean entertainment industry. He is dubbed the "half-blood prince" by fans, playing only supporting or supporting roles but still leaving a deep impression in the hearts of the audience.

"Half-Blood Prince" achieved much success in both film and television. In particular, he also recognized when he entered the Hollywood market. However, to achieve his achievements, he went through many hardships, even being rejected by 200 film crews....

Daniel Henney's confidence once made directors refuse.

In 2001, Daniel Henney started modeling in America. He debuted in Korea through filming Amore Pacific's Odyssey Sunrise commercial. The "Half-Blood Prince" has American nationality and initially did not know how to speak Korean, but after many years of working, he still affirmed that he was a Korean actor. Because in the land of Kim Chi, he had the biggest turning point in his career with the movie My lovely Sam Soon, released in 2005.

At that time, Daniel Henney was only 26 years old, did not know how to speak in Korean and had to try hard to say a few simple lines. But thanks to his "strange", rustic, lovely dialogue and handsome appearance, he overwhelmed the male lead Hyun Bin. Since then, he has become a phenomenon idolized by many fans.

Currently, the male actor has a certain reputation and is expanding into Hollywood.

The sudden development of his career left Daniel Henney confused. He once admitted that he was not satisfied with himself in the movie My lovely Sam Soon and it took a lot of time to step out of the huge shadow of this work. After the famous movie, Daniel Henney began to spend more time learning Korean. He quickly asserted himself in both the Korean and Hollywood markets.

"I failed the casting more than 200 times. Every time I entered the audition room, I was very scared and self-conscious. Almost every time my body stiffened from stress. So I heard the word 'no' again. "from the judges", Daniel Henney recalls the time when he failed the casting 200 times.

The actor also did not hesitate to share how to conquer casting sessions after many failed attempts: "Try and be rejected, learn and challenge again... Experience is my biggest weapon. I used to be very nervous and impatient, but now I'm a little more relaxed. I can play a main role, a supporting role, or any role. I've gained confidence."

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