Son Ye-jin Turns Chinese Event into Red Carpet, Sports Bruise on Her Arm?

The surprise appearance of actress Son Ye-jin at a recent event in China has become a hot topic on social media.

On the evening of April 16, Chinese media platform Sina reported that Son Ye-jin became the center of attention on social media after appearing at an event for a beauty brand in China. 

Here, the actress wore an off-shoulder pink dress, attracting the eyes of photographers with her irresistibly charming visuals. The actress sparkled, turning the event into a glamorous red carpet. Alongside her timeless beauty, the star of “Crash Landing on You” also captivated fans with her sweet smile and vibrant energy.

However, many fans focused their attention on a bruise on Son Ye-jin’s right arm. On social media forums, some netizens speculated that the actress was bitten by her 17-month-old son.

son ye jin
From the moment she appeared, the renowned actress attracted attention with her princess-like gown.
son ye jin
Many netizens were surprised to notice a bruise on the arm of Son Ye-jin
son ye jin
True to her title as the “fortress of beauty” in the Korean entertainment industry, Son Ye-jin radiated charm and allure in every moment. Throughout the years, the actress has maintained her beauty impeccably, always leaving fans mesmerized whenever she appears.
son ye jin
Son Ye-jin astounds the public with her timeless beauty, radiant appearance, and smooth skin at the age of 43.

Source: K14, Sina, Weibo

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